Test your trade-mark

How Good is it Legally?

Reanimation Library is a great spot to browse.
Below is a matrix to check your trade-mark by
Patent lawyer Frederick Breitenfeld (1950)



International Paper Sizes -A Series

International Paper Size -A Series

International Paper Size -A Series

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Promotional Tips 11…20…

(11) Sponsor a Client’s Event.
Sponsoring a client’s event can get your name out to all of the client’s contacts as well as remind your client that you are a valuable resource to them.

(12) Offer Free Consultations to Potential Customers.
Sometimes just offering the free consultation will land you the job, however, sometimes it won’t. When a client meets with you, you already have your foot in the door, so I think that it is worth the risk (if you are just starting out that is). Continue reading

Promotional Tips

Hey i’m back with some of the top promotional tips, what a designer can do for you!

(1) Give Away FreeStuff with Your Design Business’s Name and Contact Information.
Go to where your target customers hang out and set up a booth or table. Give out some FreeStuff and a flyer or leaflet as well. Some examples of freebies include free magnets, rubber bands, rulers, note pads, etc. All of these items should have your information printed on them.

(2) Free Demonstrations of Your Services.
Go to local print shops, office supply stores, and other local stores and offer to give free demonstrations of your services. You can also offer lessons as well. Continue reading

Guidelines: Sending Digital Files for Printing!!!

The following guidelines will help you to prepare your digital files for Pre-Press Processing (Printing). It contains required information and explanations of common terms to help you communicate better with your printer.
Create documents in Page Layout Programs such as CorelDraw, Freehand, InDesign, Illustrator, Quark or PageMaker

  • Document:  Create your document in the exact size of the final trimmed piece. For example, if you are creating a lettersize multiple-page document with facing pages, your page size would be 8.5″×11″, not 11″×17″.
  • Master Page: Use the master page to place common items such as page numbers in the same location on multiple pages. (InDesign, Quark & PageMaker)
  • Spreads: If multiple-page documents, create in reader’s spreads. If cross-over facing pages, images should be divided into two separate picture boxes and aligned on their respective pages.
  • Bitmap Scale: Scale bitmap images not more than 10% up or down from their original size. A drastic enlargement will cause loss of detail and a drastic reduction may extend imaging time and delay your job.
  • Bleed: Extend images that bleed off the document page by an 1/8″ (standard).
  • Colors: Delete all unwanted colors from the color palette (EPS and page layout files).
  • Image Linking: Link images in your Illustrator and FreeHand files. Do not embed them.
Tip: Remember to include any special Quark Xtensions you may have used to create your document.
Tip: Creating files in drawing programs such as Illustrator, FreeHand or CorelDraw can sometimes incur additional charges by printers. Continue reading

Why use a Graphic Designer?

People often wonder how businesses become truly successful. There are several elements that create success in business. One element is graphic design and quality advertising. A good graphic designer can be your best friend for marketing and growing your business.

Graphic Design can be a lot of things to many people. A strong identity design – logo and supporting themes – can be the needed edge to push your company to its fullest potential. When you team a strong identity with an advertising campaign you are sure to boost awareness of your company and create additional traffic – whether it be on foot or online. Quality graphic design is the hidden reason for the success of many companies and the downfall of companies that do not take advantage of the experience and expertise of a graphic designer.

Graphic Designers are your key resource to logo design, letterhead and business card design, print and web advertising, annual reports, web design, and many more design options.

Harsh Desaur has experienced in all these areas of design and will work with you to develop the best designs and strategies for your business and your budget. Browse through the portfolio, then give Desaur a call today and get a jump start on the road to success today.

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Lets start…

My first post all about “Graphic Designers”.

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is a communicator – someone who takes ideas and give them visual form so that others can understand them.

His idea is the result of subjective and objective thoughts, and the design is a product of the idea. He improvises, invents new techniques and combination. He coordinates and integrates his material so that he may restate his problem in terms of ideas, pictures, forms and shapes.

Design is not just about image, symbols, type, color or material, it is a commentary, opinion, a point of view of social responsibility.


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